Horses are SO expensive

Horses are SO expensive

“Horses are so expensive.”
I agree, they cost me a lot everyday. 

Horses cost you your selfishness. 
Having horses means everyday you are alive you must consider someone’s needs before your own, multiple times a day. Even when you’re away from them arrangements must be made, this builds character and gives us self worth. 

Horses cost you your ego. 
Right when you think you have it figured out, you will undoubtedly be presented with a humbling experience either in the arena or out.  They will force you to reach out for help when your expertise is maxed out. If you are wise, you will realize life is like this too. Maybe we should reach out for help more frequently and we would get further. 

Horses cost you your laziness. 
You will never progress with an equine partner by leaving it turned out, just as you will never progress by staying checked out. Do the work and you will get somewhere. 

Horses cost you your heart. 
They never fail to find a way to touch us deep within even (and especially) when we are feeling cold to the ways of the world. There’s something special about getting to interact with a being that becomes softer when we soften. We should learn to respond to one another similarly. 

Yes, horses are so expensive. But everything they’ve ever cost me has also made me.

 Written by: Amanda Radford

Welcome to the world Athea!

We are so grateful to have our 1st Miley baby…and she’s perfect!!! 

Friends, I’ve just had a small taste of the breeding world. When I was a kid, we stood a stud. Back then, it was just live cover. Golly how things have evolved! Athea is the 4th embryo transfer we’ve done and 1st successful live foal! Bronson and I had a little talk about the risk vs reward and decided this was our last effort on breeding…meanwhile Trinity Beauvais has booked Aint Seen Nothin Yet & Slick by Design for 2024 for Miley

As I’m continuing on my journey to level up, I’m constantly reading material that suggests the breakthrough comes through in the toughest spots. This sure rings true in this instance. 

Thank you Trinity! Your mental and physical strength during this trying time is immensely appreciated! 


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