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Tuff Enuf Ranch Horse Camps

Tuff Enuf Ranch Day & Overnight Camps


New for 2021!!! #RideWithUs


Tuff Enuf Ranch is now offering "ride with Tuff Enuf Ranch" for the day & overnight options!


Riders and families of every age and skill level welcome! Students are encouraged to bring their own horse. Limited to 3 students per session to give our students a safe, fun learning experience! Tuff Enuf Ranch takes pride in teaching students to responsibly and safely care for and ride their horse/pony. By offering a hands on approach, we are able to provide a very unique and thorough horse camp experience. With small groups, we can cater to each groups specific wants and help them reach their goals!


Chores may include but are not limited to: Feeding animals Cleaning pens/pastures: manure, any potential debri such as rocks, sticks, etc. Prepping horse trailer for events: Cleaning trailer, packing hay/grain, etc.




Reserve Your Spot TODAY!!!! 715.554.3462 [email protected]


Daily activities:

    • 30 minute individual lesson per day
    • Grooming
    • Chores
    • Group riding


Other potential activities:

    • Roping
    • Swimming with horses
    • Trail Riding
    • Round pen work
    • Ground work
    • Starting horses under saddle


Day Camps

Starting June 14th!
Monday through Thursday You pick your time frame - 4 hour slots available from 7am-4pm.


Cost: $150 per 4 hour session, spots held with $50 non-refundable deposit



Overnight Camps

Starting June 14th!
Monday through Thursday ~ You pick your time frame - 24 hour slots


Cost: $250 per student, spots held with $50 non-refundable deposit.

Meals included

Camp Breakdowns

We welcome riders of all ages and skill levels!


Beginners - from 1st ride to walk/trot confident riders

Advanced Beginners - riders comfortable loping

Intermediate - competitive riders with good level of general knowledge

Advanced Rider - serious level rider, works horses pretty much every day


Focus groups:

  • WSCA games
  • Trail Riding
  • Roping Basics
  • General riding and horsemanship

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