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About Me: Jessica Jones Beauvais

I've been fortunate to learn from these great trainers and clinicians:
Fallon Taylor - WPRA World Champion
Chris Martin - Top Notch Futurity Trainer & Rider
Troy Crumrine - Decades Top Rider, Top Notch Futurity Trainer & Rider
Charmayne James - 11 Times WPRA World Champion, 19x NFR Qualifier
Kelly Yates - WPRA World Champion, Multiple NFR Qualifications
Jane Melby - 2X NFR Qualifier, IPRA World Champion, NBHA 1D World Champion
Kim Landry - Futurity Champion: 3X Fort Smith, 2X Lazy E
Kelly Neisius - Owner and Trainer of Arrowhead Arena
Tammy Whyte - WPRA Great Lakes Region Champion
Lynette Beckman - Successful trainer
Jolene Jones - my mom :-)

As a kid, my family allowed me to have many great opportunities with horses. My parents would stick us on ponies while they were milking cows and we'd be entertained for hours. For my 4th birthday, I received a pony - every little girls dream right?!?! She was in foal and had a cute little stud colt I named Moon - who was the 1st pony I broke out. Star was the best pony we could have ask for and later went on to Tammy Whyte and her family.

We started out with funs shows, 4H, WSCA...moved on to NBHA jackpots when we met Lynette Beckman. She was the NBHA Wis State Director at the time. I had the pleasure of being mentored by her and her husband Steve - barrels and roping! They allowed me to ride their phenominal mare Rose. She was a powerhouse and we placed at the State Fair in barrels.

Lynette found a nice mare we called TJ for my mom to rodeo on. Itty bitty thing, so my mom thought she may do better with a smaller rider and I got to be the lucky girl. While competing at IPRA rodeos, we met Jane Melby. She signed a picture of her and her paint horse from her IPRA World Championship win...still have it to this day and remember how excited I was and nervous to be competing with her. We attended the Pat Parelli clinics that were hosted out of the barn Jane was training out of. Learned great fundamentals that I use to this day. Had the priveledge to spend summers and even a few winters break with Jane and her family. Improved my roping skills with Ryan.

My freshman year I was blessed with being allowed to purchase a once in a lifetime horse - Jay Edwards. My mom had been eyeing him up from previous owner Robin Weir for some time...I sure am glad he caught her eye! We set the record for pole bending at the MNHSRA State Finals and finish Reserve Champions in poles and 5th in barrels even thought we only competed for half of the season. He had to be euthanized due to a broken leg during a pole run before I had even owned him a year. Jay was amazing and certainly a horse I will never forget.

My junior year I had the opportunity to intern with Kelly Neisius which later turned into me moving in with her and graduating high school early. Kelly owned and managed her own training facility - Arrowhead Arena. She mentored me as I rode young horses as well as 'problem horses'. From there, I went to Connors State College in Warner, OK to obtain my associates of Applied Science Degree in Equine Technology. The college experience was amazing - from colt starting to specialized training in roping, reining and cutting.

After Jay's death, I struggled to keep my interest but my mom pushed and pushed and I'm glad she did. Since Jay, I have rode a ton of horses - finding something I can afford. Most have been unbroke or horses some one else didn't want. I have truly been blessed with the people and horses in my life that have taught me so much and the journey it has brought me on.

Our horses are just as unique as we are, we all learn differently :-)

Jessica Beauvais


2014 MN NBHA State Finals 1D Qualifier
2014 UBRA World Open 1D Average 12th out of 221

2013 UBRA National Open 1D 4th Place
2013 UBRA National Open 2D 4th Place
2013 UBRA National Futurity 2D 8th Place
2013 UBRA National Derby 2D 10th Place
2013 UBRA Wisconsin Reserve Champion Open 1D & 2D
2013 UBRA Wisconsin Reserve Champion Derby 1D

2012 UBRA Wisconsin Open 1D 5th
2012 UBRA Wisconsin Open 2D 3rd

2011 UBRA Combined Region Open 2D Champion - Saddle
2011 Pepin Trail Blazers Polebending Champion
2011 JJ Arena UBRA Series Open 1D Champion

2010 & 2011 Titles won on RarenToFlashSomeCash - a mare I broke and trained
2010 UBRA Combined Region 1D 3rd Place
2010 UBRA Combined Region Open 2D Champion - Saddle
2010 UBRA Combined Region Futurity 2D Champion
2010 UBRA Combined Region 1D Reserve Futurity Champion

2009 UBRA 2D Futurity Reserve World Champion
2009 UBRA 2D Open Top Ten
2009 LD Ranch Derby Reserve Champion
2009 NRF Tour 3rd Place
2009 UBRA Wisconsin 2D Futurity Champion
2009 UBRA Wisconsin 2D 3rd Place

Tears of the Eagle - Gotcha
2008 Titles won on Tuff and Gotcha - both geldings I started on barrels
2008 UBRA 2D Open World Champion - Saddle
2008 UBRA 2D Wisconsin Champion
2008 UBRA 1D Wisconsin Reserve Champion
2008 UBRA 1D World Top 10
2008 UBRA 2D Futurity World Champion
2008 NRF Tour 2D 3rd Place
2008 NRF Tour 2D Finals Champion
2008 MBRA 2D Futurity 3rd Avg
2008 Outback Ranch 2D Futurity Champion
2008 JJ Arena Summer Series Saddle Champion

2007 UBRA World 3rd Place
2007 UBRA Wisconsin Reserve Champion
2007 JJ Arena Tour Champion
Jessica Beauvais
2006 UBRA World Top 10 (riding Tuff, pictured above in his 1st year of competition)
2006 UBRA Wisconsin Champion
2006 JJ Arena Series Champion
2003 Graduate of Connors State College
2001 Graduate of Maple Lake HS
2001 Arrowhead Arena Winter Series Barrel Champion
2001 Arrowhead Arena Winter Series Pole Bending Champion
2001 MBRA Youth Reserve Champion
2001 Barrel Bash Saddle Winner
2000 All American Quarter Horse Congress Qualifier
1996-2000 WGBRA Top 10
1999 NBHA WI03 District Champion
1998 JJ Arena Buckle Series Champion
1997 MNHSRA Reserve Champion Pole Bending
1997 MNHSRA 5th Place Barrel Racing

Currently hold the record for Minnesota High School Rodeo in polebending riding Jay Edwards.
Phenominal horse, biggest heart - will not be forgotten...

Worked at Weins Ranch 2002-2004

"Walla Walla Whiz Reaches Million-Dollar Milestone" A ranch I used to work for bred & raised Walla Walla Whiz - out the mare Shiney Walla Wonda whom I had the pleasure to groom and ride! -

Wanda -

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