Solo trail ride on Abby

Solo trail ride on Abby

Oh miss Abby, what a sweetheart! Trinity has been hogging her but yesterday I got the privilege of taking her on a solo trail ride while the girls were in school. Abby was GREAT! We did a little trotting and loping…but mostly she preferred walking…and that was just fine by me! Just the fall trail rides 

Abby, 15 yr old grade 14.2h mare who’s looking for a new 🏡

Posted: 2021-11-03 00:00:00
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Abby aka Abby

2006 Bay Mare

Sale Status: For Sale
Status: For Sale  Finished  
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Welcome Abby! She’s a 15-year-old grade quarter horse mare, about 14 two hands. Abby had done the WSCA games, trail rides….has passed through the family! Everybody jumps on her and has a good time, from little kids to inexperienced adults!

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