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DDPAL Miss Speedy
2010 AQHA mare


January: 1st run of the season, wins 2nd Open class at Double H Arena; Mondovi, WI

2nd Outting 3/11 Hinckley winning 1D $

3rd outting 4/10/18 2nd in the 1D


2017 updates:
Competed at the 2017 American Semis in Fort Worth, TX
Holds arena record at Oasis Equestrian Center 14.8
14.5 Verndale, MN
14.273 Double F before new set up

10/15/17 Trinity & Speedy, fast time at NBHA MN06/UBRA Double F Arena - Hinckley, MN

10/10/17 Trinity & Speedy set new arena record at Oasis! 14.8

Superior Rodeo 9/5/17

UBRA World 8/4-6
Friday 14.558 (5th in 1D out of 326) https://youtu.be/Jz_tU_7RiC0
Saturday (14.8 tip to win 2D $) https://youtu.be/4O8w8QgOGO4
Sunday 15.1 https://youtu.be/zJyWRHdj9u4

DDPAL Miss Speedy barrel racing horses for sale

7/21/17 Dead Broke Arena: Hugo, MN 1D time

DDPAL Miss Speedy barrel racing horses for sale

DDPAL Miss Speedy barrel racing horses for sale

7/14-16 Winona, MN won over $1,000!
1st Go Derby: https://youtu.be/jSMy5-OeXiQ
2nd Go Derby: https://youtu.be/tZkXJobZ7-w

DDPAL Miss Speedy barrel racing horses for sale

7/2/17 Dummy roping

Heeling at Rice Lake

6/16/17: Trinity & Speedy making a 1D run at NBHA MN01/UBRA

4/21 Topeka, KS UBRA Tour

3/25/17: Winning 1D $ at Double F Arena: Hinckley, MN 14.5

2/26/17: Speedy's personal best at Double F Arena: Hinckley, MN 14.273
Facebook video: https://www.facebook.com/tuffenufranch.cowgirls/videos/254408345011487/

2/10 Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo: Trin's 1st rodeo entry, Speedy's 2nd
14.37 (same pen as American Semis that took a 14.1 to advance)
Facebook video (2nd & 3rd): https://www.facebook.com/jolene.w.jones/videos/10154037685761486/
Facebook video (1st & 2nd): https://www.facebook.com/jolene.w.jones/videos/10154037685841486/

2/8 Zaal Ranch: Collinsville, TX
3rd in the 1D behind 2x American Qualifier Derek Diedrich and Jessica on Six!
Facebook video: https://www.facebook.com/jason.jones.5220/videos/1258102140934230/

Trinity Beauvais and DDPAL Miss Speedy

Trinity Beauvais and DDPAL Miss Speedy
Trinity Beauvais and DDPAL Miss Speedy
Trinity Beauvais and DDPAL Miss Speedy
Trinity Beauvais and DDPAL Miss Speedy

Bring on 2017!
Exciting start to our 2017 year, Speedy competed in the American!


11/12-13 Chism Trail Ranch: Merrill, WI
Jes Saturday 1D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaVgqbn6edw
Trin Youth 2D Champ Sat : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sYna7aa7S0
Trin Open Sun 1D:

10/23/16 SD Heartland Maturity 1D 4th Place

9/11/16 Trin at Houcks
Trinity had fell on a horse the day before, so was a little timid and Speedy took care of her :-)

2016 JJ Classic & UBRA World
Saturday Maturity: 2nd in 2D https://youtu.be/dBxXxHRt2s4

DDPAL Miss Speedy barrel horses for sale

DDPAL Miss Speedy barrel horses for sale

DDPAL Miss Speedy barrel horses for sale

DDPAL Miss Speedy barrel horses for sale

DDPAL Miss Speedy
So proud of Speedy! She placed 3rd in her 1st rodeo entry at the Effie Rodeo winning $990 last weekend! She also worked nicely heeling there, luck just wasn't on our side Glad she is feeling good, can't wait for UBRA World and the JJ Classic Futurity & Maturity w/ Breeder's Incentive!

Video of Effie Rodeo Run: https://www.facebook.com/stacy.bourdeaux.7/videos/1761611970748610/

6/4/16: Hailey & Speedy winning the PeeWee class at the SC productions B.Tuff Barrel Race: Winona, MN

6/4/16: Trinity & Speedy 15.748

6/3/16: Hailey & Speedy winning the PeeWee class at the SC productions B.Tuff Barrel Race: Winona, MN

Horses for sale

Trinity and DDPAL Miss Speedy

Trinity & Speedy


Double F Arena

2015-2016 Series


Overall Open High Point

High Point Open 1D


Derby 1D Champion

Speedy won 5 out of 6

derby sidepot classes!


3/26/16: Trinity & Speedy competing together for the 2nd time at Double F Arena - 15.193
Placed 3rd in the Youth 1D
Video by MidwestRodeo.info

2/27/16: Trinity & Speedy placing 2nd in the Youth 1D! 15.047
Video by Gracie :-)

1/23/16 Fastest time of the day! 14.582
Video by MidwestRodeo.info

2015 NBHA World Qualifier!

12/12 Winning the polebending class

12/12 Hinckley, MN 14.533 - video by MidwestRodeo.info
2nd in Open 4D, 1st in Open 3D, Derby Sidepot & Polebending

11/28 Hinckley, MN 3rd in 1D 14.8

10/11 Hinckley, MN 14.619

10/10 Hinckley, MN 14.403

9/24 Hailey & Speedy PeeWee at Oasis

9/13 Showtime Arena UBRA Tour 17.033 10th in the 2D

9/13 Hailey & Speedy PeeWee

9/12 Showtime Arena UBRA Tour 17.698

9/12 Hailey in Youth tip

9/11 Showtime Arena UBRA Tour 17.497

9/11 Showtime Arena UBRA Tour 17.326

9/12 Hailey & Speedy winning the PeeWee at Bound's

9/6 Hinckley, MN 14.705 - 1D time, no money

9/5 UWRF Rodeo Arena, 2D $

8/18 Hinckley Saddle Series - won 1st Open and Futurity sidepot

8/4 Hinckley Saddle Series - fast time of the night!

7/22 Arrowhead Arena winning the 2D

7/21 Hinckley, MN 14.8 with 14.7 fastest time of the night

7/1 Lake Elmo, MN 2nd Run

7/1 Lake Elmo, MN 1st Run

6/26 Hugo, MN 16.4 with 16.1 fastest time of the night 2nd run
1st Run

Horses for sale

Horses for sale

Horses for sale

Horses for sale

Horses for sale

Horses for sale

6/4 Oasis

5/8 Kukas Open Jackpot
1st run at Kukas, no exhibitions - just ran Six in the previous drag

1st Go of Futurity: draw 1-5

2nd Go of Kuka Futurity

2/21/15 1st timed exhibition at JJ Arena 12.848

March 2015
DDPAL Miss Speedy

11/6 Speedy's 2nd timed Exh at Oasis 14/8!

10/20 Practicing poles at home

10/16 1st Timed Exhibition at Oasis 15.5

10/14 Trinity taking her for a spin at home

10/9 Exhibitioning at Oasis
1st time through, loping/stopping

9/21 WGBRA at Wild Bills Elk Mound, WI
3rd event she is exhibitioned at :-)
1st Exhibition
2nd Exhibition

9/18 2nd time exhibitioning barrels in her life :-)
Oasis Equestrian Center - Lindstrom, MN

DDPAL Miss Speedy
2010 Palomino Filly
Registration #: 5296488

Smart, beautiful foundation bred filly! Rides great on trails, down the road, in parades, broke very nicely. Smooth and correct. Has done everything we've asked of her - gathered and roped cattle, pony other horses, carry flags, kid rides.

Sweet disposition, very curious and wants to please. Great combination of Driftwood genetics such as; Frostys War Chief, Drifts Chip, and High Rolling Roany crossed on speed such as; Triple Chick, Sugar Bars, and Leo!

    Frostys War Chief
1985 Buckskin Stallion
15 h
AQHA #2353431
25% Driftwood 
21.875% Joe Hancock 
War Concho
(AQHA Superior Heading Horse)
  High Driftin Hancock High Rolling Twister High Rolling Roany
SIRE:     Chicks Baby Blue
Double Driftwood     Drifts Chip
  Lonsum Charley 045 Lonsum Drift 04 Lonsum Badger 045
    Charleys Badger Charlie Blaze
      Bobby Kan
    Triple Print
(52 roping perf. pts )
Mr Triple Mark (Triple Chick)
    Satans Sue
DAM: Mr Triple Print Our Rosita Son O Sugar (Sugar Bars)
NCHA LTE: $11,640.31
Race LTE: $708.00
Triple Maudie   Miss Ember Bar
  Skipa Maudie Last Computer Socks Computer Man
    Badlands Sue
    Blue Ribbon Rose Leo Maudie (Leo)
AQHA Supreme Champion
    Diamond TL Lady

DDPAL Miss SpeedyDDPAL Miss Speedy

8/27/14 Asking for speed :-)
We made another go for it after this and she smoked it!
Not on tape as my videographer wanted to just watch, but she says it was very nice ;-)

8/27/14 Loping through
(5th day of loping, lol obvisouly not in a row since it's been over a month since the 3rd time)

July 2014: 3rd day (not in a row) putting some speed on the pattern

June 2014: 1st time asking her to lope through the whole pattern

July 5th, 2014 Trinity took her through her 1st exhibition ride at the Cinch Chix Challenge
Horses for sale

DDPAL Miss Speedy

DDPAL Miss Speedy

DDPAL Miss Speedy

DDPAL Miss Speedy

DDPAL Miss Speedy

Speedy moving freely with her half sister, Willow

8/26/12: Speedy being led over tarp

horse for sale

June 6th

11/22/12: Hailey & Speedy walking through poles

DDPAL Miss Speedy

DDPAL Miss Speedy

July 11th, 2012

June 6th

June 6th

6/8/12: 1st day on cattle

6/8/12: 1st day on cattle, continued.



3/24/12: Speed & tarps

2/20/12: 1st day with a saddle. Saddled and ponied off with out even so much as a flinch.

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