aka Quiver

 2007 Palomino Gelding

Sale Status: Sold

Status: Sold  Started  
Owner:Tuff Enuf Ranch

Quiver is a well built, handsome fellow with great feet! He craves a job and aims to please! While he we do pretty much anything you ask - he would prefer a fast paced ride through the woods over a leisury trail ride. Although he does have a bit of a pony trot, his lope is smooth as silk! 

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Quiver winning Youth 3D $ in his 2nd outting! Quiver winning Youth 3D $ in his 2nd outting!

Posted: Mar 27, 2019
Updated:  Mar 27, 2019  by: update

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Sledding fun with Quiver! Sledding fun with Quiver!

Posted: Feb 28, 2019
Updated:  Feb 28, 2019  by: update

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