Briar French Six Guns
aka Gunner

April 2011 Buckskin Gelding

Sale Status: Reference

Briar French Six Guns
Sire Side
Six Moons Bully

Marthas Six Moons x
Bully Lady
Six Fols x Lady Bugs Martha
Bully Bullion x Mystery J Lady
Dam Side
LB Honey

Smooth Amigo x
Parr Kay Jet
Jet Smooth x  The Ole Fantasy
Shujet x  Parr Wickv
Status: Reference  Started  

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Gunner competing with Claire!

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Posted: Oct 09, 2019
Updated:  Oct 09, 2019  by: update

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Gunner making a nice cruise through at JJ Arena!

Posted: Oct 04, 2019
Updated:  Oct 04, 2019  by: update

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3 Weeks with Gunner!

Posted: Aug 27, 2019
Updated:  Aug 27, 2019  by: update

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