Socks 16th out of 131 with about 10 trips to town!

Socks 16th out of 131 with about 10 trips to town!

Half of the reason why people aren't able to succeed in life is because they hypnotize themselves into believing that they can't accomplish their goals, it's a mind game they play with themselves.
✍️ Rahki

I play so many mind games with myself and Socks. Recently I decided to treat her like a training horse, just do like I would for a client...take my emotions out of the decisions and just do what’s best for the horse. I’m so cheap, I hate to do exhibitions unless things are perfect at home. She’s so hard working, she’ll run every time if you let her. While we do need to work on footwork, we can’t do it full tilt all the time. So Friday I brought her to do a warm up...she cruised through perfectly, 1st time through. My friend Sondra was with and suggested I push her more. I didn’t want to...she just worked perfect...I wanted to leave it at that and we’d use it to build on...well Sondra kept pushing and I’m glad she did! I cruised through again with a little more wasn’t perfect but Socks let me move her around without getting too then I decided to enter her Saturday and this was her run...
You could NOT wipe the smile off my face after this run! 16th out of 131! Socks has about 10 trips to town...including exhibitions, warm ups and entries!
Friends, I want to encourage you to find friends that PUSH you! People that don’t let you be okay with just being okay...we were all created for excellence!!! Thank you Sondra for pushing me through my mind game bs!


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